The Neverending Story

'The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire.'
--John N Mitchell

We set up this website in late October for our wonderful, inquisitive, loving Aiyana. Yana is our eight year old daughter, sister, cousin, niece, friend and granddaughter who was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of leukemia (MPAL).

Aiyana had an amazing life and we are filled with hundreds of heartwarming memories. May all of us take to heart how much a little girl from Lockeford, CA, impacted the world and be reminded and inspired to never let the sun go down without living each day all the way through.

Her Spirit is in every Butterfly.


Twirling Around

I look at your Grandpa sometimes as he gazes at your picture and I can see his longing to be able to make more memories with you. He sits surrounded by his music and films, in his big old office, but he sees only you and how lonesome he is. When I see him there, all I see is the amazing love you share. Grandpa misses knowing you are at his fingertips, and he doesn't like that your time together has come to an end.

I was reading this amazing book that your mommy told me about and in it there are many things to think about. But one of the best parts for me was when it explained about your relationship with Jesus. After so many years of treasuring you in your family on earth, and worrying about you and celebrating your wonderfulness, can you imagine how hard it is to re-learn living without you? I found great comfort being reminded that Jesus plays and laughs and loves you there, and picks you up and twirls you around just the way you like.

Your Grandpa and I are getting married soon. And you will be with us on that day, in the little butterflies we will decorate on all the tables and around the cakes. And you will be in all of our hearts every second, especially on this beautiful and joyful day that you have been waiting for, when you can finally call me Grandma.


Anonymous said...

This is absolutly beautiful and touches me deeply. This is one of the million or so reasons that I fell madly in love with you. Aiyana is deep inside of my heart and she will be in our hearts, minds & lives for eternity; forever and ever, amen. Thank you Nan. You are truly the love of my life.

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