The Neverending Story

'The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire.'
--John N Mitchell

We set up this website in late October for our wonderful, inquisitive, loving Aiyana. Yana is our eight year old daughter, sister, cousin, niece, friend and granddaughter who was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of leukemia (MPAL).

Aiyana had an amazing life and we are filled with hundreds of heartwarming memories. May all of us take to heart how much a little girl from Lockeford, CA, impacted the world and be reminded and inspired to never let the sun go down without living each day all the way through.

Her Spirit is in every Butterfly.


Another Thing Coming

Watching a disease take control of a child is probably the worst thing imaginable. Aiyana's parents have been doing an amazing job of dancing between moments of panic surrounded by hours of patience and due diligence. They have established themselves as the ultimate primary care physicians, learning at the speed of light, challenging the outcome, and holding every step to ruthless accountability. As Korina says, We've got to be on our game 100% of the time because Aiyana is counting on that. We all are, honey.

Aiyana just went in for her first chemo treatment this morning. I know that everyone cannot be at the hospital although we all want to be. Who could imagine anyone missing those hard chairs in the waiting room, especially when there is nothing to do but let the day play out? It feels better to be there, even if all we are is a compassionate face for her parents to see.

Aiyana's gentle courage is everywhere in my thoughts. It is in the way she faced and adapted to cerebral palsey and epilepsy with spunk and a zest for life. It is in how strong and good she is. It is in how she champions for fair play and right living, and standing up to the bullies that tease her and others because of their leg braces by saying, 'Don't you have anything better to do?' She has lived large in these eight years.

I think this is going to be an unfair fight but not the way you think.

LEUKEMIA, DON'T YOU HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO? You'd better pick on someone your own size because Aiyana is out of your league. And if you think for a second you've got the upper hand, you've got another thing coming. We all can't wait for the day she takes you down.


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